The Kingley Incident Pt 1

So, I guess I’ll start.

My dad brought me to one of his main building, telling me to wait for the other ‘students’ to arrive. He had suggested that this would be a training school for white hat hackers, I guess in a way it was. I had brought a guitar (with some difficulty, dad believed it frivolous) and so played while I waited. After some time; I lost track of time though it wouldn’t have been long, I heard I slight gasp. A red faced, redheaded girl, dashed behind the wall. She then was ushered back into the room,

‘This is my son; Hugh,’ my father announced to the girl and, assumedly her parents.

I gently nodded a greeting and went back to strumming; having decided to wait for the girl to be more settled before starting conversation.

‘Now if you’ll just wait with Hugh, I’ll take you’re parents to the boardroom and wait for the rest of our new students,’ and with the award winning grin he must have to practise in the mirror he left.

After awhile the finally spoke, ‘so you play guitar?’

‘Yes, my mum has even payed for lessons. Sadly my dad disagreed, but my mother made a contract with him  that I have full right to leave if I feel the need to and he has no right to take away my guitar.’

‘You need a contract?’ the girl stuttered

‘Sadly yes, my dad is a lot less reasonable then he seems.’

As I finished my sentenced  another girl and her father appeared in the doorway. This girl was definitely more comfortable than the red head.

‘Yo, everybody! How’s it going?’

The red jumped, whilst I answer,

‘pretty good, you?’

‘Great, name’s Shamira yours ?’

‘Hugh, and I’m sorry I didn’t catch yours…’

The first girl closed her eyes and mumbled something.

‘What was that re-‘

‘Ah there you are Miss Parker, please try to not run ahead.’

My said, entering the room with a boy in tow,

‘Mr Scriven, meet you new classmates.’

My dad quickly left the room, to smooth talk the parents I thought.

Now before this gets to long and ‘boring‘ I leave it there for my friends to continue,

Yours truly



So, MB can be long winded

So, Mb is trying to type out what happened at Kingley’s. But the dude is writing  about meeting each of us, so it’s going to take a while and be boring at some places. Thankfully he’s not the one only writing the story, on the bad side he’s probably–no he’s definitely gonna kill me for writing this. Oh well!

See ya! Drive

Meet & Greet


Umm… Hello,

I’m Glenda, or Eraser. I take away information from computers or people. I’m not very good at this…

(Eraser tends to be shy, but she’s very caring and can be quite courageous when the situation needs her to be. I’m afraid after the whole Kingley Incident she’s has a tendency to be emotional to a troubling degree. Having said this, she’s first friend I ever made.)


Meet & Greet


Hello, this is Fallon Kent, also known as Director. I’m the co-leader of the wireless crew along side Motherbrain. I’m just going to do a quick introduction, if you have any questions let me know. Thank you.

MB has ask me to write more before publishing so…

My ability is of command; I can force computers to do as I want without proper clearance and force people to my will. I used this to get through certain security walls and guards to escape Kingley.

I really don’t have much to say, so silence George & Shamira. I’ll do more later.

Meet & Greet

Let’s Drive!

Hahaha, ahhh…

It’s Drive here, videogame queen; despite the slight disposition of not being able to see. It help that my mind could pick up on the coding, so I could figure out what’s what. Now I can read minds too, that and I read and keep any coding I get.

A note on the picture, that’s short term next to me, and he doesn’t actually play the games at arcades. However he does in the privacy of his or his friends’ homes so it counts. Boy that guy can make up some stories.

Gotta go, Director is callin’ and she don’t like to force people.

Bah, bye!

Meet & Greet

Editor & Short Term

Hey this is Duke, though after the Kingley incident I tend to go by Editor. I got by Apps to right to you folks so here I am. It used to be that I could convince people that what they was thinking was incorrect or change things on computers that at a speed that shouldn’t be possible, but now I can edit computers without touching ’em and change the memories or thoughts of those around me, though I can’t completely erase what’s already there.

So that’s me in a nutshell, so let’s go on to Short Term. S.T. is one of my new friends, though I can’t remember much about him. I know we’ve talked and I enjoy rpgs with him; but I can’t for the life of me recall any of these memories in details. Sadly that’s his ‘ability’ he can’t be remembered unless you’re looking at him at that moment; then you’re memories of him come flooding back, or he’s ‘imprinted’ something about himself on you; which is how I know what I know without actually remembering him.

Whilst MB, Apps & Drive are finding ways around it, you can’t help but be sorry for him. one moment… okay I got him to write down some stuff.

His name is Diggory Manson and he’s an albino. He also can’t leave a trace of himself on the internet. While it’s sometimes annoying to be in a room of who’ve forgotten you he feels more sorry for us, ’cause were always feeling guilty for forgetting about him and we can’t remember the we’ve had with him unless were looking at him.

Well that’s all he wrote… and I guess that’s all I’ll write. Hope you enjoy the blog, don’t really care if you don’t. See ya!

Meet & Greet


Apps here, tricked you with the title didn’t I. Well don’t worry I’m pretty interesting myself.

Anyway MB gave you the lowdown, or some of it anyway, so feel free to ask questions to the crew as we come up. Plus if you’re wondering about the pics, there’s this cool site I was trying out called Rinmaru; and I’ve double checked I’m allowed to use what I make for this blog, woo! Any I’ve put it in contacts if you’re interested.

So that’s my piece, unless I can…

Oh wait, MB’s mum is Ms. Cox She divorced his dad a little after he was born and she told us ‘the only good thing about the marriage that wasn’t fake was Hugh, and now that man has taken that away from me.’

Don’t worry though, I’ll get MB, to tell his mum he’s still here, kinda.

See ya round!

Meet & Greet

Hello from Motherbrain

I’m Hugh Kingley, though you may want to call me Motherbrain. After what happened to Kingley enterprises you might think me dead. Well, my body is, but my mind is not. Let me try to explain; My father used his company to find children with a new mutated gene, which included myself and then do immoral, and as it turns out illegal experiments to heighten their abilities. This led to me not being able to use my body, but my mutation allowed me to transfer my mind to computer and even other people’s brains. This led me to helping the others to escape. We then alerted others to the activities of my father.

After this we became the Wireless crew; with help from my mother. Doing jobs and learning to use our abilities.

Thank you for reading, the others will introduce themselves in time, though Short Term will probably need help.