The Kingley Incident Pt 1

So, I guess I’ll start.

My dad brought me to one of his main building, telling me to wait for the other ‘students’ to arrive. He had suggested that this would be a training school for white hat hackers, I guess in a way it was. I had brought a guitar (with some difficulty, dad believed it frivolous) and so played while I waited. After some time; I lost track of time though it wouldn’t have been long, I heard I slight gasp. A red faced, redheaded girl, dashed behind the wall. She then was ushered back into the room,

‘This is my son; Hugh,’ my father announced to the girl and, assumedly her parents.

I gently nodded a greeting and went back to strumming; having decided to wait for the girl to be more settled before starting conversation.

‘Now if you’ll just wait with Hugh, I’ll take you’re parents to the boardroom and wait for the rest of our new students,’ and with the award winning grin he must have to practise in the mirror he left.

After awhile the finally spoke, ‘so you play guitar?’

‘Yes, my mum has even payed for lessons. Sadly my dad disagreed, but my mother made a contract with him  that I have full right to leave if I feel the need to and he has no right to take away my guitar.’

‘You need a contract?’ the girl stuttered

‘Sadly yes, my dad is a lot less reasonable then he seems.’

As I finished my sentenced  another girl and her father appeared in the doorway. This girl was definitely more comfortable than the red head.

‘Yo, everybody! How’s it going?’

The red jumped, whilst I answer,

‘pretty good, you?’

‘Great, name’s Shamira yours ?’

‘Hugh, and I’m sorry I didn’t catch yours…’

The first girl closed her eyes and mumbled something.

‘What was that re-‘

‘Ah there you are Miss Parker, please try to not run ahead.’

My said, entering the room with a boy in tow,

‘Mr Scriven, meet you new classmates.’

My dad quickly left the room, to smooth talk the parents I thought.

Now before this gets to long and ‘boring‘ I leave it there for my friends to continue,

Yours truly



So, MB can be long winded

So, Mb is trying to type out what happened at Kingley’s. But the dude is writing  about meeting each of us, so it’s going to take a while and be boring at some places. Thankfully he’s not the one only writing the story, on the bad side he’s probably–no he’s definitely gonna kill me for writing this. Oh well!

See ya! Drive